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Merrywind Teckels

Formerly Jenny's Dachshunds

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Available Dachshund Rehomes
We are also occasionally contacted by owners who, for one reason or another, are no longer able to keep their beloved dachshund.  These dogs are not dachshunds that were bred here, but as we have a deep love for this special breed, we will often offer to post their pictures and stories here on our website in the hopes of helping them find that perfect, loving new family for their pet.  All information here is provided by these dog's current owners and questions about these dogs should be directed to the contact info provided below for each dog. 
Jenny's Dachshunds does not warranty or endorse these animals and no fee was collected for the web placement of this information.  Accuracy of the information below is limited to the accuracy of the information we have been provided by the dog's current owner. 


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