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Merrywind Teckels

Formerly Jenny's Dachshunds

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Prospective Puppy Owners Questionnaire
So, you’re interested in obtaining a Jenny's Dachshund. This completed questionnaire will help us pick the very best Dachshund for you,your family, and your lifestyle. It is very important for us to find exactly the right home for our Dachshunds. While they are truly wonderful animals they may not be for everyone. Completing this questionnaire will tell us whether you would do well with a lively, spunky, loving Dachshund puppy.

Please answer questions as honestly and completely as possible.  The more information you can provide us to get to know you, the easier it is to be able to choose a puppy for your family. There are no right or wrong answers. 

Please be aware that we place our dachshunds based primarily on temperament and personality. We cannot always accommodate requests for a certain gender, coat, color or pattern. The more flexible a home is in allowing us to chose the correct puppy for their home, the more likely we will have a puppy to place with them. Homes with very specific gender, coat, color or pattern requirements are much harder to match with specific puppies. 

Once you complete this form, your e-mail will be added to our Puppy News Update e-mail list for the very latest news when we are expecting a litter or getting ready to choose homes for our available puppies. 


Thank you for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire which will better help us to find just the right match for you!