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Merrywind Teckels

Formerly Jenny's Dachshunds

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 *A note on our puppy prices*  Our puppies are not the most inexpensive dachshunds you will find available, but we believe you get what you pay for.  We put the time and money into raising the very best doxie companions in regards to health, temperament, and conformation.  With each puppy comes a lifetime of support and guidance.  A dachshund can live 12-15 years or more.  An investment in a quality puppy now will save you more in vet bills and heartache in the future.  All puppies go to their new homes vet checked, up to date on vaccinations, de-worming, microchipped, and -when your new puppy is picked up here- with a "New Puppy Pack" that includes all sorts of useful goodies (subject to change due to availablity) such as food samples, treats, toys, a crate bed or puppy blanket, a puppy teeth care kit, tons of dachshund information and more! ***And as a NEW bonus this year, we will also be sending (at NO additional cost) each of our puppies home with an AKC Puppy Protection Package valued at $217.***  This package  includes your new puppy's AKC registration (no further papers to send in or further costs), AKC Reunite Microchip Enrollment and lifetime pet recovery service, lifetime live phone support from AKC dog trainers on the AKC GoodDog! Helpline, a new puppy handbook, a one-year subscription to AKC Family Dog magazine, a complimentary first vet visit at a veterinary practice listed with the AKC Veterinary Network, and a 60-day free trial AKC Pet Healthcare Plan. 
We are proud of each of our babies!  Please keep this in mind when considering a puppy from us.  If you have any questions about the care of our dogs or puppies, we invite you to visit with us or our veterinarians at the Cass County Animal Clinic.  Thank you!  Jenny           

Male or Female? 
We are often asked the differences between males and females and which one would make a better pet.  Our answer has always been that although there are, in general, small differences between the genders, it is much more important to pick out a puppy with the personality and temperament AS AN INDIVIDUAL that will fit with your home and family.  Males and females both make wonderful family pets, so don't count out one or the other without looking beyond to see the individual puppy!  Remember, males neutered before maturity often do not ever learn to lift their leg and are no harder to potty train than their female litter mates.   If you have any questions about the temperament of a litter or an individual puppy, just ask and we can steer you in the right direction for your family! 

Smooth coat or longhair?  What about the different coat types?  Again, each puppy is an individual, but as a general rule, the longhaired doxies tend to be a bit more mellow and less high-strung than the smooths.  Longhairs require only minimal grooming; a quick brushing once a week to keep the tangles out of the hair on their ears and tails is the only requirement for keeping up their coat.  Dachshunds are not a high-shedding breed and this should not be a concern with either coat type. 

NuVet Plus  
Jenny's Dachshunds recommends the use of NuVet Plus, a powerful immune system "booster", for the lifetime of your new dachshund puppy.  
Order online at or by calling 1-800-474-7044 and giving discount order code #64201 for special savings. 

If you don't see the puppy you are looking for, please Contact Us so we can let you know if we might have one on the way in an upcoming litter or we may be able to recommend another breeder!
Please see our Upcoming Litters page to see who is expecting or visit our Available Puppies page to see puppies! 

 Check out our Couch Family Program!
 If you have time and love to spend with a dachshund and have always dreamed of owning a beautiful show dog, you may be the perfect forever home for a puppy in our "Couch Family" program. Contact us for more details!
As always, we reserve the right to hold any of these puppies for evaluation as possible additions to our family here. 
Please click on this link for information about Full AKC.  Full AKC (show/breeding rights) will be offered to approved breeders/show homes only and price will be set on a individual basis for each situation.  Full AKC prices are based on conformation, pedigree, color, sex and temperament. 
Please take the time to fill out our Prospective Puppy Owner's Questionnaire and e-mail it to
Please note, puppies are listed for sale until a deposit, usually 1/2 the purchase price, is recieved.  No puppies are held without paid deposit.