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Merrywind Teckels

Formerly Jenny's Dachshunds

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When we raise a puppy here at Jenny's Dachshunds and that puppy joins a new family, we like to think of that puppy's new home as our "extended family".   Here in our Happy Tails section, you can find just some of the pictures and updates that we have received from past puppy buyers. 
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If you have purchased a puppy from us and would like to be included in our Happy Tails section, e-mail me at  We LOVE getting pictures and updates! 
 Spies' Sweet Alice Blue Gown Von Wolff 

Alice ~ New owner Joanne Wolff

Von Wolff Miniature Dachshunds


"Alice isn't a kissy face...but she loves to be held and hugged. She's a very athletic dog and really likes having the big yard to scream around in! She runs at top speed with Kobi right on her heels! They are the biggest and fastest pair in my kennel and it's like watching a pair of racehorses the way they tear around! They'll make wonderful strong, Cream babies!


I stacked Alice on the table and realized just how nicely she is maturing. She has her dam's beautiful head with true almond eyes,terrific bite,nice and tight with big well spaced teeth.  Alice head is just wonderful!  Her front is well developed, great protruding posturnum, deep keel extending well back of her front legs. Nice ribbing. She has improved in her height ratio, and her rear has strengthened and the angles are good. Topline is level and tail extends straight from the spine. Her feet are very nice front and rear. If she has a fault, it's that she is a bit long in the loin. She has a nice coat that isn't curly, but flat and sleek. Ears are a good size and well set...when she gets some feathering, she'll look quite spectacular! Ivey didn't get any until about 2 yrs, so that's what I expect.

Alice is growing into a wonderful-tempered and very beautiful young doxie. She is maturing slowly...which means she will not "fall apart" a term used to mean a dog that looks good as a youngster but grows into a rather out of balance adult. This happens in lines that mature fast...they are often shown as 6 mo puppies then by the time the dog is 3-4yrs old, they look so bad they couldn't win if they had to. I know that Ivey simply got better the older she got...and so, I think, will Alice. I'm very pleased with her and I think she's going to be a big contributor to my breeding program. I'm so very happy that I have a girl out of the "Beauty Queen", Ivey, by handsome and lovable Thor! It was a very nice mating and Alice is proof of that :)"

  Bella ~ New owner Patricia


"Just a little update on Little Miss Bella.    She is doing well :)  (except she thinks she rules!)   She weighs 7# now.  She is so sweet.   Loves to cuddle and give lots of kisses.  Seldom barks.   Loves playing with her toys and really likes being outside in the nice weather lately.   We go for walks in the neighborhood and she gets plenty of attention along the way!   Everywhere  I take her everyone thinks she's so cute!!!    We continue to make progress on the potty training.  I am so lucky to have her and she is one spoiled puppy!!"


 Bentley ~ New owner Lori & family

Hanging out with new "big sister" Missy


"I thought I would send you a quick e-mail on how Bentley is doing.  He is doing great.   We have signed up for Puppy 1 class.  That is going good.  Of course Bentley is the star of the class.   I find that it takes some work to get him to do what I want (being bull headed) but, once he get's it, he has it.  Right now his goal is life is play fetch with a tennis ball.  He does very well on bring it back to us and then I take the time for him to follow the Command's of drop, sit and down with him before I throw the ball again.   We are working on the the S.t.a.r. program thru the AKC at puppy class.   I would like to continue training with him for the good citizenship.


I know I have said this before but, we are very happy that we got Bentley.   We love everything about him.  Not only does he made us happy but, I think we do a pretty good job on keeping him happy also.   Thank you Jenny!"


 Bentley ~ New owner Lori & family


"Bentley is doing great.  He is wonderful.  Al and I feel so lucky to have him.   Bentley love's camping and anything thing else we are doing.  We were camping a couple week's ago we are stopped by everyone to see him.  A 30min walk turned into 1hr.  This one lady asked me if she could breed her female doxie with him.  I stated that he was neutered and she got really mad at me.  I told her where we got Bentley and gave her your web site name so, she could pick out her own male puppy." 


Spies' Thor's Hammer Little Man Charles 

Charlie ~ New owner Lynnette

Dressler's Miniature Dachshunds



"Charlie is a wonderful dog with a great temperament.  He is very loving.  I had just bred him with our Lucy and there was 1 cream in there.  It is a great looking litter.  Gracie is due in September and he also bred her.  Charlie is the sweetest dog.  He is the happiest just snuggling!"


Fritz ~ New owners Dave & Marion


"Fritz has brought ours lots of sunshine & happiness. He is a good boy - has a beautiful tail & long hair on his hind legs - some of the hair on his tail is almost 8 inches long! He likes looking out the side window watching the cars go by on the highway and napping on the footrest of my recliner. Hope you enjoy the pictures - wishing you all the best."

 Indy ~ New owner Cathy & family

Scroll down to see Indy with his lil' sis Phoenix, too!


"I feel bad that I have not written to you sooner but I have had my hands full with Indy. What a joy he is.  When I'm not meeting his needs, I just sit and watch in amazement. The Indy show has been the only thing on.

I foolishly thought the house was puppy proof before we brought him home, boy was I wrong. Indy pitched in 110% to help us find every thing he was going to get into. We do pen him during the day but the longest time he had to stay in the pen was just under 3 hours. He settles quickly, and sleeps most of that time. There has been an occasion to pen him while we were home, so he would realize it was not a punishment when put in the pen. I also bring it outside so I can get some gardening done without the help of my little man.

He loves the cats, I'm not sure they share his feelings, both are much larger than him, and just ignore him. He loves to hides his bones in the house, usually the couch.  I don't get it but I don't need to, watching is just as fun.

He almost has me house trained  :) and when he doesn't quite make it I've noticed he uses the pads by the door so eventually I know he will make it."


Jack ~ New owner Dana


"He is such a great companion! He is a total ham and loves every bit of attention he gets! He definitely has one of the best temperaments I've ever seen in a doxie! I never have to worry about him around little kids, it's so great! Thanks so much for such a wonderful pooch!" 

 Jake ~ New owner Joanne


"Just a note to let you know how Jake is. Wonderful boy, very active, a jumper (are you sure there is no Jack Russell in him) He jumps on the table, a definite no-no but a surprise when he lands like a cat on the back of the couch or dinner table. Poor little Zack can hardly make it to the couch.
He is very sure of himself and totally unafraid of anything, very smart and outgoing. Knows he is cute and uses it. He looks like a strawberry blonde version of his father. All of us (dogs) like him and he is happy."


Lexi ~ New owner Marsha & family

Marsha and her family have littermate girls Lexi and Luci


"Lexi is almost perfect! She is a blessing for us and a wonderful obedient young girl!"


Luci ~ New owner Marsha & family

Marsha and her family have littermate girls Lexi and Luci


"Luci is amazingly BEAUTIFUL and she is our little peanut, again so blessed!! her eyes and face melt everyone she comes into contact with. She loves her sister Lex (Lex is very independant, Luci is more dependant) but none the less, she is still obedient and loves her family!!"


Lucy ~ New owner Scott


"Sorry I meant to e-mail you sooner but have been busy with Lucy and school. Just remembered that I read this on my phone and never got back to it. Anyway, Lucy is adjusting very well. She is pretty perfect. Potty training is coming along very good as well as socializing her with dogs and people. She got her second round of shots on August 23 and did not have any type of adverse reaction. I've attached a few recent pictures for you to see also."


 Marci ~ New owner Judy


"I wish we lived closer so we could see all your beautiful dogs in person again.  Marci is just the best dog.  Here are some recent pictures of Marci.  I wish you could see her hair.  Parts of her are this unbelievable color, you can see it in the pictures.  I just love her."

 Luci, Marci, and Lexi enjoying time at the lake together! It's so neat these three littermate girls still get to see each other now that they are all grown up. 

Macy Mae ~ New owner Vickie & family

On the couch with new "sister" Liesl


"Here's a picture of Macy Mae (formerly known as Claire) relaxing in a chair with her big sister, Liesl.  They are inseparable companions, and even snuggle together at night in my bed.  (Yes....they BOTH sleep in my bed!?!)  :-P I can't believe how different their personalities are though!  Liesl is the most affectionate dog I have ever had!  She loves to cuddle, wants to be in the middle of everything, and gives kisses to everyone and anyone 24/7!  Macy, as you predicted, sits back and observes everything before entering in.  She is affectionate too, but is more reserved.  Liesl's tail is CONSTANTLY wagging, and she is affectionate to the point of being "smothering".  Macy, on the other hand, reserves her tail wags and kisses for those really special moments.  I love them both so much!!!  Thank you for letting me have such a special little girl!!!"



Maggie~New owners Michelle & Bill 



"I hope all is well with you! Wanted to let you know that Maggie is doing great. We absolutely adore her. She was spayed in August, and I have attached the certificate. She loves to go for walks and play. If we're not paying attention to her and should be, she'll let us know by biting our toes or socks. She's says come play with me.
I tried convincing Bill that your Phoebe girl you have available would be a great playmate for Maggie. He didn't agree me. But, I will keep trying!"



Milli ~ New owners Andy and Amanda


"Milli is doing great!  She is now done with her puppy vaccines...the vet waited a couple extra weeks for rabies and bordatella since she had that reaction to her 12 week set.  She did not react to any more vaccines which was great obviously.  At last check she weighed 9 pounds  (bigger than her dad already we think?) and the vet said she was doing excellent.  We're having a lot of fun with her and we think she likes it here too!  Congrats on the latest litter they look great!"  


Spies' Grand Illusion

Lucien ~ New owner Stephanie

The Pampered Pet


"I have to tell you, tho, that Lucien is just the most wonderful little man.  I took him to a retirement party for my boyfriend's step-mother. Lots of kids and people everywhere, and someone even brought a little shaved Pomeranian (complete with painted toenails!).  Well, Lucien was the absolute HIT of the party.  Every kid wanted to walk him  (I had him on leash as the yard wasn't fenced in, and I am not comfortable with him off leash, as it only takes a second for an accident to happen!), and he went with them gleefully, and met all kinds of new friends!  He was so polite, sitting immediately for petting, with such good manners.  I was absolutely delighted with him.  He slept like a rock that night too!

I just can't say enough good things about his temperament, and how he was raised.  I am so thrilled that I made the trip to Iowa....I can't imagine life without him.  Thank you soooooo much!"



 Spies' Grand Illusion

Lucien ~ New owner Stephanie

The Pampered Pet


"Lu and I went to a show on Sunday, and the attached picture is what he did!  We had to beat a really awesome beagle to win the Scenthound group, and beat a lot of really nice dogs to win Reserve-Best In Multi-Breed Show!  That is his first competitive he just needs two more to be a UKC Champion!  I am so delighted!  He moved beautifully...still a few happy bounces in there, but he is showing happily, so that is the most important thing.  We have a little work to do yet with the stacking and holding still, but that will come.  It takes time for the rear muscles to hold the rear angulation properly.  The judge is a long-time breeder (25 yrs) of doxies, so it was a very meaningful win.  Enjoy the photo!"


Phoenix ~ New owner Cathy & family

Sleeping with big brother Indy, another Happy Tail!


She loves playing with her big half-brother, Indy, chasing birds, and pretending to be cute and submissive when she's a little trouble maker! (Last week when my parents went out of town she woke me up in the middle of the night, by bringing me two containers of the wet dog food they get for dinner.) She's still shy around strangers (which i honestly think is why she wasnt fit to be a show dog with her first owner,) but Indy more than makes up for her out in public, especially since any dog he sees that's larger than him is an apparent threat, and children are just as excited about him as he is them. Her coat is beautiful and she's a lot more accepting of brushing and grooming than Indy, but she's less of a fan when it comes to brushing her teeth. Also, unlike Indy, who outgrew his 'baby' phase, Phoenix will ask to jump up in your lap while you're sitting on the computer or table and fall asleep in your lap. She also LOVES to give "kisses" and we're working on training her that one kiss is ok, but it's a little much when she tries to clean out your nose, ears and inspect your dental work! 


Sophie ~ New owners Barry, Laurie & family


"Sophie is doing very well.  She has taken to our home with no problem... actually, she runs around the rooms as if she has been living here for quite some time.  We have a Colonial home with lots of space to run around... she has found it.  Just the other day, she decided to grab her favorite squeaky toy and show it around.  She ran through our dining room, through the kitchen, passing the family room, through the foyer and in the dining room again. She did this a couple of times... and with her paws, you can hear her "romping" around and around. She is a wild woman... but very gentle and playful.  To be expected of being a puppy.  She is keeping us on our toes... and the kids are forever playing, talking and teaching her right from wrong.  Attached are some pictures of her in her comfortable surroundings... more to come."



Sophie & Ivey ~ New owners

Barry, Laurie & family

After adding Sophie to their family, Barry and Laurie and their kids decided to add Sophie's retiring mama Ivey to their family, too! 


"I purchased a double harness leash, which is WONDERFUL.  It makes Sophia watch out where she is going, because big mama Ivey is in the lead.  There is no time for her to sit and smell the flowers... just walk, walk and walk... keep up kid!

Well, I just wanted to drop you a short, well maybe not too short, note on how Ms. Ivey is doing... awesome... and I should probably get back to doing what she likes... paying attention and patting her."



"Both of the girls are doing very well. Sophie has become quite the retriever in the pool and goes after anything you throw for her and believe it or not, she brings it back to you (kind of unusual for a Dachshund). Ivey likes to swim but takes her time and is in no hurry to get to where she wants to go."


 Taffy ~ New owner Joanne & family


"Thought you would like an updated pic of Taffy.  Here she is hanging out in the convertible!  She is such a goodwill ambassador; you might end up with one of Thor's new litter sold!  We were in the Pocono's this weekend and this woman fell in love with Taffy and asked for your web site so she could contact you regarding getting a "Taffy".  I told her to mention Taffy and me so you would know it was someone we met and she saw what a great companion my little girl is."